How does the VRCE program work?

  • Student enrolls in VRCE
  • Student receives a detailed welcome email
  • Student chooses a Hospital Champion from their hospital who will participate in the program
  • Hospital Champions can expect 2-4 hours of time required to support student per semester
  • Student completes self-paced study with the support of VRCE instructors and a peer study group
  • Student completes and passes the program to earn their VRCE certification
  • Student has 12 months to complete the program
  • Typical completion time is 4 months
  • Each program purchased is valid for one student

Course Outline Semester 1

  1. Qualities of a Top Front Desk Team Member
  2. The Important Role of a CSR in the Practice
  3. Breed Identification
  4. Veterinary Terminology for CSRs
  5. Foundations of the Client Experience
  6. Communicating Information to Clients
  7. Reading Body Language
  8. Empathy and Helping Clients
  9. Harness the Power of Your Practice’s Phone – Inbound Calls
  10. Introduction to Appointment Capture
  11. Admitting Patients to your Hospital
  12. Discharging Patients From Your Hospital
  13. The Basics of Cash Handling
  14. Creative Financing, Wellness Packages & Pet Insurance
  15. Confidentiality and Accuracy: Records, Files, Computer Maintenance
  16. Occupational Safety Procedures
  17. COVID, Adjusting to a Global Pandemic

50 Page Guided Workbook
Included Per Semester

Course Outline Semester 2

  1. Intermediate Client Experience
  2. Managing Wait Times
  3. New Client Acquisition
  4. Intermediate Appointment Capture
  5. Managing Rechecks, Reminders and Recalls
  6. Thriving During Conflict with Clients
  7. Thriving During Conflict with Coworkers
  8. Professionalism In the Workplace
  9. Bullying in the Workplace
  10. Home Collection of a Lab Sample: Coaching the Client
  11. Proper Prescription Handling
  12. Safe Animal Handling
  13. The Disaster of Missed Details
  14. Basic Hospital Finance and Revenue Drivers for the CSR
  15. The Benefits of Cross-Training and Career Advancement