Our class of VRCE students continues to grow and we are being asked many questions by our website visitors about the VRCE program. IGNITE® Founder and CEO Jill Clark, DVM answers some of these frequently asked questions. We love our VRCE students!

What kind of practice was VRCE specifically designed for?

VRCE was designed for general practice environments, from large multi-doctor hospitals to small one-doctor clinics.  That being said, many of the principles taught – communications, empathy, client experience, revenue capture, etc. can be applicable for ER as well.  This is why we are coming out with a VRCE – Specialty and ER program early in 2022.  This new program will include all of the applicable courses from VRCE GP, but with a deep dive into the nuances of Specialty/ER.

How long does it take to complete the VRCE program?

The answer depends on how much time our students have to devote to the program on a weekly basis.  We have found that students complete the program on average in 4 months.  This can be accelerated if more time is spent on the coursework each week, or longer if the student has limited study time.  The program content and study group remains available for 12 months to all students, no matter when you finish the program.

How much time do Hospital Champions need to spend on getting their student through the program?

The Hospital Champions role is vital to the VRCE program, but it is designed to be a supporting role vs an instructor, which VRCE has built-in.  The main focus of the Hospital Champion is to help their student translate what they have learned in VRCE into their specific hospital environment.  Our Hospital Champions are telling us that they spend roughly 2 hours with their students per semester going over workbook special assignments and another hour monitoring the proctored exam each semester, this adds up to a total of 6 hours for the program on average. 

What do I get from completing the VRCE program?

 After successfully completing your VRCE program and passing the final exam, you will receive a certificate that can be displayed in your clinic, a lapel pin to show clients that you have additional training, and you can choose to add, VRCE behind your name in professional settings to indicate you have achieved this certificate.  If you find yourself applying for a new position, it will be important to note that you have achieved VRCE status as a way to indicate to future employers that you have gone above and beyond in learning advanced skills for your role.

What are my options after I complete the VRCE program? Are there any extended courses?

Students who wish to continue learning and collaboration with other VRCE graduates may want to consider the VRCE learning community on IGNITE which will open up in April 2022.  This group will focus on case studies, crowdsourcing SOPs, and forms, and sharing knowledge with your colleagues.

Is there a VRCE program for specialty hospitals?

VRCE – ER & Specialty will be released early in 2022 and will focus on the unique role and challenges of ER & Specialty practices.