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VRCE Success Stories

Jennifer Mathis, DVM, CVPP
Hospital Owner

Jamie Bennett
Hospital Manager

Lee Ann Noble, VRCE

Julie Powers, VRCE

As someone who has been a CSR for over 15 years, this is what I know. Just when you think you know it all, have seen it all and have heard it all, you haven't. This program has already showed me that. I look forward to this program not only helping me be a better CSR but for the CSRs who will come after me. Showing the way to keep the standard of exceptional client care.

"My job as a CSR is important because we as CSR's are the hub of communication in the clinic. This course has opened my eyes to why it is so important to be empathetic and try to see things through the eyes of a worried client. We are more than just CSRs. To some clients, we are the only ones to listen to them. It is always important for us to understand we are there to help the entire clinic without us there would be 2 major communication gaps and ultimately no one to schedule/keep business flowing. I am realizing thoughout this course I am SO much more than a face at the front desk.

Maggie H.

I have learned a lot from this course, specifically the terminology. This will help me in communicating to the clients in a language they can understand but also sound educated in my words. I feel that I can triage more efficiently after taking this course and handle myself better in stressful situations like upset clients. I will do better on keeping my workspace clean and well organized as well as the shelfs we have in the lobby for food

My student has a renewed sense of excitement surrounding her job and every day duties. It has been fantastic watching her learn, grow, and bring fresh ideas to management for consideration of implementation. I wish I could get my entire CSR team enrolled in this program!

This course is important to me because I would still consider myself new but I want to learn as much as possible to help improve my clinic. I've been a CSR for a little over a year now and I'm still learning things all the time and getting a better perspective on the job I actually do. I always saw the technicians doing their CE courses and I felt that when I was offered this opportunity I was actually valued as a part of the team. This program means so much to me in the fact that my clinic has seen my potential and is willing to take a chance on me.

Bree R.

Made me aware of skills I have that I was not using to full potential.

First time being in this kind of work force, This course has been so helpful.

This employee has worked for us many years, she was our Guinea pig for VRCE to see if investment was worth the content 😀 she learned a lot of facts and skills that have helped her as a senior csr but also improve her part in the training of new team members. I am looking forward to this being part of our onboarding for all our csrs.

I am generally and uncomfortably awkward, in my own opinion. I have a better sense of what I'm capable of, and how to use it to better the company I love to work for.

Even though I've been a csr for over a decade, it's always good to have help to better myself to help out my clinic and my clients.

Brought awareness to critical touch points with clients.

My employee gained knowledge through the VRCE course to help her consider all the aspects of her position and how to best serve the clinic, our patrons, our patients, and her coworkers. I think she also gained some tools to help her problem solve certain situations. She voiced multiple times that she enjoyed the program. Considering the intensity of the program I think she did well as could be expected managing her FT position, her family (small child), and the large coursework load.

Before I also felt like I couldn't find my words, and felt really awkward. After the program I feel more confident in my communication, being clear and assertive.

A must! Awesome course for those new to the industry and an excellent opportunity for seasoned CSRs to refresh their enthusiasm and learn even more to be their best!

Reiko D.