New VRCE Experience for Current Students Starting 12/20/22

As we see the continued success and growth of the VRCE program, our main priority at IGNITE is to ensure your experience with VRCE is as efficient and easy to use as possible so that you can learn, retain, and progress with confidence and certainty. 

With that in mind, IGNITE proudly announces an updated and improved experience for our VRCE students starting on Tuesday, December 20th, 2022! This new technology and experience will drastically improve your success and progression through the VRCE program.

If you have any additional questions contact us at

What happens with all my progress on the course so far?

All your current progress and work from VRCE will be transferred to this updated experience. 

Do I still need to login to Workplace and Easy Generator?

You no longer need to log in to Workplace or EasyGenerator or use your previous account access. Everything will be located in one place and you will be sent new login instructions. 

What new features are available to students?

Some updated features in this new experience:

  • Digital workbook for virtual notes and progress submission.
  • “Earn while you learn” – Introducing the world of Gamification to the VRCE program. As you progress through the program, and complete milestones and challenges you build points/credits to use in our store to purchase products and services.
  • Updated and improved communities for support and guidance.
  • Easy-to-find courses and resources.
  • Dedicated resources for Hospital Champions (Previously Proctors).
  • Improved mobile experience.
  • Advanced courses and growth opportunities for graduates.

When will this new VRCE experience be active?

Tuesday, December 20th, 2022.

Does this apply to both VRCE General Practice and Specialty & ER students?

Yes, this applies to ALL VRCE students currently enrolled in any of the programs.